Two RAF JARTS Tornados coming to Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre – click here

Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre are delighted to announce another exciting development for 2018.

Two additional aircraft will be joining us by early summer, as we have a wonderful joint arrangement with the RAF JARTS Squadron (Joint Aircraft Recovery and Transport Squadron) The two aircraft in question are:

Panavia Tornado F3 ADV serial ZH553

Panavia Tornado GR4 IDS serial ZA 398

JARTS will be making use of our VC-10 and BAC 1-11, plus the two Tornados. They will train personnel from all of the UK’s Armed Forces, delegates from the forces of other friendly nations, plus Cornwall Airport’s own Fire Service in aircraft recovery and crash management procedures.

They use an amazing airbag lifting system to recover large aircraft, which keeps the airframe exactly level and puts much less pressure per square inch on the aircraft skin surface than that of an average person’s footprint. The exercises are a crucial element in the training process in readiness for real life events. The aircraft are treated with the utmost care throughout the exercises and obviously unharmed or uncompromised in any way. During these exercises our visitors will be welcomed to watch how this huge logistical operation is performed.

We see this as another big step forward for us. Delighted to be having two additional fast jets to display – which brings the collection right up to modern times.

Also delighted to be able to help in such important training operations whilst building relations with the RAF.

More information will be published as we receive it. This will include delivery dates and exercise dates.

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