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STEM day visit to Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre

Tue 03, 2017
STEM day visit to Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre
Wow! What an amazing day at the Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre with Year 11 & 12 students; the fun packed, informative and ‘awesome’ activity was a special visit arranged by our wonderful Mrs Eglinton for the annual STEM day.

The students were invited to board the various types of aircraft, ranging from 1960’s passenger planes to Jet fighters. The volunteer guides (some of them retired pilots) gave very informative tours of each plane, with detailed explanations about the history and mechanics of each one.The highlight though, for many of our students, was the opportunity to sit in the cockpit of the planes and feel like a true pilot, testing out the flying equipment.

As usual, our students made a big impression, a member of staff at the centre said they were ‘exceptional, very caring to each other, polite, and it was an absolute pleasure to have us as visitors’. Comments like this always makes me feel very proud to be part of our unique school community and highlights the enriching educational experience students gain from our offsite activities.