Come and meet our team. Climb aboard the aircraft. Enjoy a different day out – learn about, enjoy and experience our vintage cold war era aircraft. We are delighted to be awarded a 5 star trip advisor rating. Come and see us – you’re sure of a super warm welcome 🙂 

The Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre is a fantastic experience for all in the family to experience the excitement of aviation. CAHC celebrates and presents Britain’s aviation heritage from the age when it proudly lead the World.

Set amongst the massive, looming silhouettes of a complex of ex-RAF HAS (Hardened Aircraft Shelter) buildings. They were designated as a forward operating base for the Buccaneer Maritime Strike force. They were later used by various aircraft on exercise such as Typhoons, Jaguars, F16s and finally, in 2008, the last two types to use the HAS site were Harriers and Tornados. CAHC puts you straight into the atmosphere of 1950s, 60s and 70s military flying – and then we offer you a Cornish cream tea and a chance to stock up on gifts and momentos for yourself and for those who can only wish they were here.


CAHC isn’t just about walking around and looking at these amazing, historic aircraft — there are always staff and volunteers about who love nothing better than telling you all about the exhibits. Many of our people have worked or flown in them during their own careers and have all the facts and stories that will make you gasp and laugh.

Looking is good, listening is great, but touching is better! It is our plan to make every aircraft accessible, inside and out, so that you can have a guided tour (of the big ones) or sit in the pilot’s seat of the fighters and imagine what it might be like to hurtle through the heavens at the speed of sound, 10 miles (that’s 15 kilometres) up in the sky.