Stepping back in time for Squadron Leader Robert Snare

A special day for us at CAHC. The reason was because we had the pleasure and honour of meeting Squadron Leader Robert Snare.
Robert used to fly the actual two Hunters we have here. He flew around 3000 sorties patrolling the borders of the old West Germany during the cold war years of the 1950s.
We had a great chat in the café whereby he told myself and Ian Raymer (who set up todays visit) about the time he came under fire from his own side! – Totally accidently as the “other” Hunter pilot pushed the wrong button and shot at Roberts F4 instead of taking photos!! – Apparently the two buttons were very close and easily done!. Well Robert responded by putting his own Hunter F4 into a dive, and avoided being shot down despite a blast of about 30 rounds from the 30mm Aden cannons!
“How did you feel?” I asked in a way only a non-military chap could ask! “Well quite happy they missed” was his understated reply.
Robert is now 83 years old – and a very young 83 I must add. He climbed into his old cockpit far easier than I could – and when asked how he felt, responded with an emotional “well it feels like being home again”
It was a real pleasure meeting Robert and his lovely wife and family. We recreated this photo today. It was a direct replica of himself – and the F4 he flew in so many missions. A real gem of a moment for us.
Robert went on to tell us why places like ours are so important in the preservation of stories and memories – as well as the aircraft – and of a very dangerous period of humanity – The Cold War.
We will be making a display showing much more of this story. This is just a few lines for now, but more to follow.
Thank you Robert for coming to see us and share your memories – our best day of our short history for sure.