Where have the last twelve months gone! (see more)

Well it’s just twelve months since we had the idea to start this lovely  facility we have here.

We had no idea just how difficult it could be! But thanks to many people we got there – and now six months old, are delighted to see so many very happy visitors – of all ages.

The photo attached is one of the earliest moves – taking the VC10 steps down the old Southern taxiway to our new home. The support from Cornwall Airport was a huge help and we could not have done this without their help.

I will continue to make some posts about how we did it, the people that have made it possible, the extreme effort – and it really has been extreme – that our incredible volunteers have made. There have been a number of key elements that have made this possible.

But for now this very happy reminder of Steve G from the airport – and some of us in the back of the tug!

Please do come and visit us – we need visitors to keep this story going – IT’S ONLY JUST STARTED…