Not just cold war jets when you visit us….

Our collection is varied – and therefore exhibits to suit all tastes.

This week we had a visit from UKARs Peter Rioch. Read the feature / review below

The VC -10 and BAC 1-11 moved to their new home last week. Here is a great video of the move. Thanks Blue Light Media…

New Canberra seats fitted – see the link below…

Further progress…

Great progress made this week.  The VC-10 and BAC 1-11 went over to the new venue this week. Shop and cafe positioned. VC-10 steps positioned. Loads of barbed wire and shrubbery removed. More work undertaken on the Varsity, Next week the rest of the aircraft are moved up – plus engines and exhibits. So moving […]

Both together – for now

The 1-11 we hope will be positioned on our pan just next to the hangar. But just for now…

VC-10 in her new home

The great new location is perfect. Positioned on the old runway, looking straight down towards the Air Traffic Control Tower…

VC-10 and BAC 1-11 repositioned

On Friday we took the most significant step of the new venture. Our two largest aircraft were relocated at our new base just up the runway.

When do we open?

We open in August – can’t give the date yet unfortunately because there has been just so much to sort out in a tiny amount of time… Sorry for anybody wanting to visit whilst on holiday – we are doing everything to get the place open. I will keep updates on this page – plus […]

Car and motorcycle clubs

We have an interesting and spacious area for car or motor cycle clubs to use as gatherings. Park your vehicles right on our pan, with impressive fighter jets as a back drop!