Restoring classic British aircraft…

We have a very skilled restoration team working here at CAHC. The team consists of a wide cross section of people, from ex-forces engineers to teachers and members of the medical profession.

Each person brings particular skills and we all learn from each other. We have taken airframes that ordinarily would have ended up as pots and pans and turned them into quality exhibits, always mindful of finishing them off in a colour scheme that they would have worn whilst in RAF or Royal Navy service.

Replacement parts are hard to come by nowadays, so many items are made on site or with the assistance of local engineering concerns. It really is like building a full size Airfix kit, only for there to be no instructions and for many of the pieces to be missing!

We are particularly proud of the Harrier jet and Hawker Hunter that you can see in our Hardened Aircraft Shelter. Outside you can see the Varsity which is another exciting aircraft to visit.

There are two long-term restorations starting in 2015, the Sea Hawk and the iconic all-British interceptor, the Lightning. Both of these present huge challenges, so keep checking our social media pages for updates.

Come along and see the work we are doing to return some functionality to the cockpits. There will be an opportunity to talk to some of the team and they will be happy to show you up close what is being done.