A great 90th birthday present for former world war 2 pilot Allan Webb

We were delighted to be able to offer Allan a flight from our site, to celebrate his 90th birthday.

After 72 year Allan once again took the controls of an aircraft in the Fly Nqy PA28

Happy birthday Allan. We hope to see you again next year…


What a brilliant Trip advisor review we received…

“Fabulous day out ”

Amazingly friendly and helpful staff, especially the young man who showed us around the VC10, who was exceptional in his descriptions and explanations of the aircraft. This is the first aviation museum that we’ve been able to sit in the aircraft and have a hands on experience. I think my husband will forever have a huge smile on his face, now that he has not only sat in the cockpit of a Harrier but a Canberra and a VC10 too. Every single person there has a huge amount of knowledge and is amazingly helpful. If you are expecting a modern sanitised attraction, with hundreds of planes all lined up, secure behind a barrier then you are in for a pleasant surprise, every plane can be touched and most can be sat in. This is not a faceless experience and the passion of all involved is apparent from the moment you arrive. If you are an enthusiast you will fall instantly in love and if you are just looking for something to do for the day, you will no doubt become one. The entry fee is tiny for the experience, the diner is clean and the food is good, the shop has just enough bits a bobs to keep children happy. An added free experience for the enthusiast is the various different aircraft landing and taking off from the airport, we saw a Hercules, Sea King (civil version, S61N) and a 737 doing touch and go circuits. Absolute bliss! Thank you to you all (especially the chap who insisted I get in his microlights) Jane xx


Our work ..BEFORE and AFTER…

To say we are proud of our work here would be a huge understatement. Here is an example of our Vickers Varsity WJ 945

Our volunteers took delivery of the 1950s Varsity in a rather less than ideal condition and in many pieces! The aircraft has been reassembled, repainted with a very strong paint, the inside has had considerable work done – and it has been made safe for moving and exhibiting. A very extensive restoration to make a fantastic static exhibit – to be viewed inside and out.


Flight experience / trial flight – or pleasure flight which is best…

Trial flight lesson or pleasure flight – which is best?

Over the last two years when we were working over at Classic Air Force we were involved in some wonderful pleasure flying. Sat in those great aircraft and enjoying the amazing sights from 2000 feet over the coastline – brilliant.

Well Fly Nqy offer a different experience. One of the highly qualified flight instructors will take you flying in a more modern aircraft. The aircraft is comfortable and gives a really good aviation experience. For the photographers amongst us the Robin or little Cessna make the perfect choice with great visibility all around.

But what is the difference? Well there is a difference – let me explain.

Instead of just sitting and admiring the scenery – which it must be said is spectacular – especially on a nice day – you get the opportunity to actually fly the aircraft. Once you arrive at the aircraft the instructor will give a safety brief, how best to access the aircraft, what to do when inside (and what not to) and will go through just what you would like from the experience.

The aircraft duel controls mean that the instructor is always able to take immediate control of the plane.

You will be given the opportunity should you wish to help with the take off. This might mean gently pushing the throttle forward taking the aircraft upto the take of speed of around 60 – 70 knots.

The aircraft will gently lift off the runway, and you will start to feel and see the true meaning of aviation. You will soon be gently gaining altitude as you fly over the fields and approach the coast – it’s amazing. All the time the instructor will be talking to you and answering any questions. Once at the required altitude of maybe 1500 – 2000 feet you will be given the chance to take control. By small adjustments you will have the chance to make a turn – and this is when you feel like you really are flying. You fly for the duration of the flight experience. The instructor might ask if you would like to line up the aircraft for approach. You see the runway to the side and slowly turn the aircraft to be in line with the runway. You might then be asked if you would like to take the opportunity to talk to the tower and request to land. The instructor then gently lands on the runway whilst talking through the process all the time.

As the flight experience comes to a close you will be left with some amazing photos. You will have experienced a side of aviation that is totally different to being sat on a 737 whilst going on holiday! You will have a real understanding of the principles of flight – and how it feels to control and aircraft.

Interested to know more? If so send us an email or call Zara on 01637 861744



We are hosting Cornwall Airport Newquay Open Day 19/3/16

We will be hosting this unique event. A day that will offer a look around our aviation centre. Climb aboard various aircraft. Take a flight with Fly Nqy in one of their fantastic flight experience offers. Take a tour of Newquay airport – the parts you would not normally see. Take a trip down the runway! See the airport fire facility. See the air traffic tower. There will be so much to see and do, the day promises to be a great event. Some of the proceeds from admission charges are donated to St Mawgan village church. The church requires a new roof anf we hope to raise a significant amount towards that. We are also offering a discount on our usual entrance price.
Adults £5
Concessions £3
Family ticket £12 (two adults three children)


GREAT EVENT – 5th June – The Cornwall Festival of Motoring

The Cornwall Festival of Motoring will be a wonderful event held on our site Sunday 5th June.

A visual feast of vintage, American and classic cars. Our own wonderful collection of classic aircraft (many of which you can climb into the cockpits and flight decks). Trade stalls, flight experiences around Cornwall – and much more.


Cornwall Festival of Motoring – 5th June at our place. Promises to be a major event

The Cornwall Festival of Motoring will be a wonderful event held on our site Sunday 5th June.

A visual feast of vintage, American and classic cars. Our own wonderful collection of classic aircraft (many of which you can climb into the cockpits and flight decks). Trade stalls, flight experiences around Cornwall – and much more.